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P.F. Chang’s

Agency-led design, the Koala Platform and robust integrations craft a rich ordering experience

Responsive Web


Average increase in order size


Increase in monthly order volume


Increase in average monthly revenue

Luxe design to match iconic branding

PF Chang’s engaged Koala partner agency Monstarlab to design an ordering experience to match PF Chang’s elegant visual identity and in-store experience. With strong collaboration between partners we were able to push the Koala platform and provide PF Chang’s with the look and feel to engage their customers - while maintaining consistency across their digital properties and in-store experience.

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Complex menu structures made simple

With a long list of menu items, large format family style options and many modification options, translating PF Chang’s menu to digital elegantly is a significant challenge. With best-in-class handling of nested modifiers, integrated modifier counts and strong modifier imagery the Koala platform makes the menu easy to navigate and build custom items.

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A Loyalty program for loyal guests

A full loyalty integration with Koala partner Paytronix allows PF Chang’s customers to earn and use points-based rewards. Our full loyalty dashboard brings all features onto one simple interface - new messages, awards status, special offers and more. Fully integrated cross-platform SSO allows easy login across all ordering channels.

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Enhanced Cross-selling

Koala’s cross-selling tool allows PF Chang’s to define complex rules for cross-sells based on a guest’s cart contents. Through iterative optimization of the rule and underlying algorithms PF Chang’s has seen significant uplift in average order values through cross-selling.

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Robust Integrations

Full integration with Koala’s best-in-class partners provides not only the strongest user experience but a full and robust platform for guests and commerce management.

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And so much more...

  • Delivery
  • Order History
  • Special Instructions
  • Coupons
  • Messaging
  • Gift Cards

We’re really pleased with how this whole thing has gone. We’re happy with the design and want to move the rest of our entities towards a similar design ecosystem.

P.F. Chang’s


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