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Scratch Kitchen

Multi-brand ordering brings the food hall experience to digital

Responsive Web, Self-Service Kiosk

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A virtual food hall

Scratch Kitchen’s unique virtual food hall concept goes beyond the usual Fast-Casual paradigms, and takes full advantage of the flexibility of the Koala Platform. Our food hall template allows us to support multiple branded concepts within a single ordering experience, including separate category structures, robust search capabilities and single cart ordering from multiple brands.

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Fully self-service

With Koala’s CMS, Scratch Kitchen can control all aspects of it’s brands and locations, including launching new brands on the platform. Additionally they have full control of cross-sell algorithms, marketing tags, allergen data, text and design, etc.

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Dietary preferences simplified

Full dietary preferences tagging allows Scratch Kitchen to tag all products and modifiers with ingredients and diet types. Guests can easily select their dietary preferences and see tagging on all products that match their preferences.

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Fiercely Loyal

Scratch Kitchen utilizes Koala’s full integration with Punchh to provide a robust loyalty program to guests. Our full loyalty dashboard gives easy access to points balance, messaging, special offers and more.

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And so much more...

  • Rewards
  • Saved Payments
  • Custom Tipping
  • Delivery
  • Dietary Preferences
  • Dynamic Cross-sells

Koala has been an excellent launch partner for us - the platform has been flexible to our specific needs as a multi-brand food hall, and we couldn’t ask for a more responsive and supportive team. Strongly recommended

Jake Malanoski, Co-Founder


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